Winter storm lockdown

The winter storm of 2014 has hit Charlotte. Kingdom post is closed for the day. So that Josh can go sledding with his kids, and Craig can spend a day with his future wife. Enjoy the hot coco everyone.

Simple Solution

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best solution. Especially when deadlines are tight. Here is a sample of something I just did for Monster Energy.
Kyle Busch Motorsports did a press conference/ announcement in a little different style. A number of X-Games athletes for Monster Energy were there doing some acrobatic tricks with their bikes and Monster wanted a highlight reel of the event.
The client asked for an opening shot that showed the Kyle Busch sign where the event was held and incorporate the motorcycle jumps. So why not put both on the screen. So we took a shot of the sign and then found a shot of one of the jumps that matched the angle as close as possible and combined them. Here is a quick rundown of how we did this one.

  1. I cut out the shot of the sign and positioned it.
  2. I found a clip of time lapse clouds to replace the clouds in the sky.
  3. I keyed out the Bike Jumper so that I had him and his bike as their own layer.
  4. I did a very quick eyeball track of the bike-jump shot so that I could map the camera move to the shot of the sign.
  5. Last is just a quick dissolve to bring in the ramp and crowd for the landing and viola! We have a shot to open with that has both the location sign and a jumper.

Original footage of jumper

Final Composite

Catawba Valley Medical Center

We recently had Emulsion Arts in the facility to help them finish out three spots for Catawba Valley Medical Center. We did Color Correction, Graphics Clean-up, Technical checks, and digital delivery to the stations. It’s always nice to have such good creative partners around to knock out some beautiful spots like these.
Click Here to see one of the spots in our portfolio.

Spots for Colonial Williamsburg

Christmas in Williamsburg TV spots

Here are 3 spots we recently finished for Colonial Williamsburg.  They handed us a small challenge of turning 7 still images into three :15sec commercials.  After collaborating with the client, we decided to separate some elements from the stills and then move through the pictures in a faux 3D style.  The result came out looking good and all within a budget that the client was happy with.  TreeFall Productions did an outstanding job of selling the experience with sound design and mix.
Grand Illumination Spot
You can click on Work Portfolio to see more samples of some work we have done.


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